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Consulting Services

Extensive understanding and knowledge in a broad range of industries and technologies:

  • Metrology, Automation, Image Processing / Machine Vision
  • IIoT / OT-Connectivity / Cyber-Security
  • Flat Panel Display Technologies and Markets
  • Optics
  • Thinfilm Processing
  • Laser
  • Batteries and Energy Storage
  • e-Mobility
  • Functional Films
  • ...

­We help our clients to develop an understanding in technologies, key players and the respective markets.
With a comprehensive worldwide network of technology partners we support diversification activities, technology benchmarking, business development and more.
Contact us to discuss your needs and how we may support your ideas!

Optimizing Sales and Marketing, Opening up new business roads...

Built upon decade-long practical experience with various industries in high-technology fields, and dealing with products with a strong demand in technical competence and expertise, MARU IBC is ideally positioned to help customers enhancing their B2B business.

We can assist you in identifying new business partners, expanding your sales network and key markets, in optimizing your sales organization, and identifying new suppliers and vendors.

Based on our technical expertise, we also offer support in strategic business development, due diligence assessments, and for diversification activities.

For projects with limited scope, we can provide assistance by identifying interim management specialists.